What Is A ZIP File? How To Zip Or Unzip A File?

What is a ZIP file? – What if you have a folder that contains 20 folders, and need to email it to someone? Well, you can’t email a folder to someone, so you’d have to email the 20 individual files. That’s where zip files become really useful because you can “zip up” those 20 files into a single zip archive, and then email it.

In this article, AZIP Master will show you what a ZIP file is and how to convert files to a ZIP archive folder?

What is a ZIP file?

ZIP is a widely used archive file format that’s used to compress one or more files together into a single location, reducing the overall size, and making it easier to transport the files.

However, with zipped folders, the contents of the folder are compressed, reducing the amount of data used by your computer.

So, how can you identify a ZIP archive folder? Simple. Whenever you see the extensions .ZIP or .zip at the end of a file, you’re looking at a ZIP file.

When you want to create or open them, you can do it very easily by using your computer. Windows has the ability to zip and unzip archive folders without any extra software, so don’t download any programs just to create basic archives or to unzip them.

However, in case you need to ZIP or UnZIP a folder on the phone. So what to do? Now you need to download AZIP Master – An free application that helps you easily compress and decompress on your phone.

Install link: AZIP Master

How to convert a ZIP File by AZIP Master?

Step1: Click on the Compress button on the main screen

how to convert a file to a ZIP file?

Step2: Select the items in your phone that you want to be compressed

AZIP Master

Step3: Name the RAR archive just created  and select the Folder you want to save

Step4: Select the File Format (RAR, ZIP, RAR 4.x) and change the advanced settings as you like

Step5: Click the Compress button and your file will be compressed immediately

how to zip and unzip documents

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How to open a ZIP file?

Step1: Click Extract

How to open file compression

Step2: Select the files you need to extract

Step3: Click the Extract icon at the bottom bar

Compressed app


Step4: Name your archive, choose the Folder you want to save as choose Optional, and Type 

Step5: Click OK to complete

how to extract a folder

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File compression is the most widely used archive format you’ll run into. It like other archive file formats is simply a collection of one or more folders but is compressed into a single file for easy transportation and compression.

Hopefully, after this article, you can understand ZIP files and how to Zip and Unzip them quickly.

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