How To Reduce Video Size On Android Phone

How to reduce video size on Android phones? – The video camera on your Android device is helpful for capturing events. But the size of the video files can present a problem when you want to share them.

If you want to reduce the size of them but don’t lose a lot of the quality. The best solution is to choose a file compression application. And AZIP Master is such an application

What is video compression?

Recording a high-quality video on Android using the highest available settings would mean that even a 30-second video file will be easily around 15 to 20 MB in size.

Compression is making a file size smaller so that it’d take up less space on a device. It is also helpful for sharing large photos, videos, audio, documents, or other files on social media, and for sending them via email.

Lossless compression reduces video size on Android so that you can restore the original quality if needed. It converts data from the initial group of characters to a more compact one.

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how to reduce video size on android

How to reduce video size on Android with AZIP Master?

What is AZIP Master?

We have tested many different file compression applications. Some work much better than others. We have probably retained the best of them currently, a free application that perfectly video compression works. It is AZIP Master.

AZIP Master is an app trusted by millions of users worldwide to compress and decompress files with many advanced features. Download in here.

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how to compress video on android

The highlights of AZIP Master compared to other products on the market:

+ Compression and decompression using Background Mode to save resources.

+ Integrity check for compressed files

+ Password to protect compressed files and create ZIP with password

+ Smart File Picker: Smart file picker helps you to gather files and compress extremely convenient.

+ Send archived files quickly via email, message,…

+ Connect with Google Drive to sync your online documents, so you can compress & extract files from Google Drive right on this app

How to compress videos on Android with AZIP Master?

Step1: Click on the Compress button on the main screen

how to convert a video to a ZIP file?

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Step2: Select the items in your phone that you want to be compressed

extract files on Android

Step3: Name the RAR archive just created  and select the Folder you want to save

Step4: Select the File Format (RAR, ZIP, RAR 4.x) and change the advanced settings as you like

Step5: Click the Compress button and your file will be compressed immediately

how to zip and unzip documents


We can record very high-quality videos, so you can then enjoy it on the big screen or simply have great videos on the phone.

Hopefully, through this article, AZIP Master was able to give you another suggestion about the video size reduction app. From now on, you can shoot comfortably without worrying about memory capacity.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know by leaving a comment below.

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