How To Effectively Work With Cloud In AZIP Master?

Cloud storage can help you build a scientific data warehouse for work and home. With the Cloud data warehouse in AZIP Master, you can also use it to maximize personal productivity.

What is Cloud storage? Why should you use the Cloud?

Cloud storage is the term used to refer to the actions of storing, organizing, managing, sharing, and backing up the data of its owner on an external hard drive storage system maintained by the cloud storage providers. provider (or third parties). This service allows customers or users to access all their files remotely at any geographical location.

That is, instead of storing information on your computer’s hard drive or other local storage devices such as USB, you save it to a remote database system. Your computer will be connected to that database system via the internet, and thanks to the internet connection, you will be able to access the data you need through desktop applications or online web applications.

A simple example: If you are uploading something to your Google Drive, you are uploading a data file to cloud storage. And in this case, Google is the cloud storage service provider.

How to add a Cloud?

Step 1: In the homepage interface, select “Cloud”

Mobile screen Cloud interface AZIP Master

Step 2: Select “Sign in to Drive”

Mobile screen Cloud interface AZIP Master

Step 3: Choose your email account to continue

Mobile screen Cloud interface AZIP Master

How to upload to Cloud?

Step 1: On the main screen, select the plus icon

Mobile screen Cloud interface AZIP Master

Step 2: Select “Upload”

Mobile screen Cloud interface AZIP Master

Step 3: Select the folder you want to upload. Wait a few seconds for the folder to load.

With its flexibility, data recovery, and security, the Cloud feature of AZIP Master is sure to be your effective assistant in work and life.

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