How to become a Premium user of AZIP Master?

When you upgrade your AZIP Master Premium account, you will have the opportunity to experience the most advanced features of AZIP. In addition, we will also remove any ads that may prevent you from using the app.

Benefits you will get by upgrading your AZIP Premium account

First, you will be introduced to the file transfer feature with unlimited files. You can send hundreds of files at the same time.

Secondly, when using the cloud function, you can add many different accounts to the cloud space to streamline your work, as well as to store and manage documents more conveniently.

And finally, the biggest advantage of a Premium account is that you can comfortably use AZIP Master as a powerful work support tool without worrying about ads.

Currently, AZIP Master Premium account package has 3 renewal modes: monthly renewal, annual renewal and permanent renewal (the most commonly used option).

How to upgrade AZIP Master Premium account?

Step 1: In the home page interface, select ” UPDATES “.

Mobile screen how to update AZIP Master Premium

Step 2: Select 1 of 3 renewal modes Monthly/Annually/Forever, then select ” UPDATES “. You should consider the best price for your own use.

Mobile screen how to update AZIP Master Premium

Step 3: Choose the most convenient payment method for you, then make the payment.

Mobile screen how to update AZIP Master Premium

AZIP Master is an application that helps you compress/decompress files, transfer files and work with data easily. Thanks to the VIP features of the AZIP Premium account, the process of working with your documents will undoubtedly become more convenient and faster.

If you have any questions while updating your account, please contact our support center at [email protected].

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