Config Extract Helps

• Name

Change name for your extracted files, or you can choose one of the suggest names below


• Folder

Choose the folder you want to save your extracted files.


• Ask before overwrite

Prompts before overwriting an existing file.


• Overwrite without prompt 

Existing files are overwritten without any prompt.


• Skip existing files 

Do not overwrite files that already exist.


• Keep broken files

If enabled, RAR will not delete files that are not extracted properly, for example, when the archive is damaged. By default, RAR deletes such files. You can try to save a part of the information from the broken file.


• Do not extract paths

Ignore archived path information and extract files from the root archive folder and subfolders to the same destination folder.


• Extract archives to subfolders

This option is available only when multiple archives are unpacked and disabled for a single archive. It places unpacked contents of each archive to a separate subfolder, which name will be generated based on the archive name.


• Display extracted files

Display contents of folder with extracted files on successful completion.

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