3 Ways To Send Large Files As Email Attachments

Many users struggle with the process of sharing large attachments via email. Sharing media files between different platforms is still a little complicated. That’s why people are always searching for how to send large files as email attachments through phone and any other service.

You can find many methods easily to reduce the file size or share with other tools. In this article, AZIP Master will show you 3 different ways to send large files via email.

Use a file compression app – Azip Master

What is AZIP Master?

AZIP Master is one of the leading free file compression and decompression applications. Among the top 3 global compression and decompression applications, widely used.

AZIP Master helps you to easily compress files and then share them via email. You can compress images, audio, video, documents, and also select multiple files at the same time.

Moreover, you can create a password to protect compressed files and create ZIP with a password. It can extract file format types: RAR, ZIP, ZIPX, JAR, 7Z, GZ, TGZ, BZ2, BZ, TBZ, TBZ2, XZ, TXZ, LZ, TLZ, TAR, ISO, LZH, LHA, ARJ, TAZ, 001…

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How to use AZIP Master?

AZIP Master supports compressing files with advanced configuration. There are many options for more efficient file compression: compression speed, archive size, compression format, or set a password for an archive as below:

Send Large Files as Email Attachments

After that, just press “Compress” and you’re done, the file compression process takes a few seconds. Then, choose to share via email to send files to another.

How to compress large files


Install link: AZIP Master

Send large files via Google Drive

To do this, upload a large file and send the link is by using the integration that exists between Gmail and Google Drive.

If these are two services you use and you’re sending your email using Gmail, all you need to do is attempt to attach a file that’s larger than the 25 Mb.

Gmail will automatically upload the file to your Google Drive account with visibility for the email recipient. You’ll see a message notifying you of this.

how to compress a file

When the upload is done, you’ll see the Google Drive link inserted into your email. So you can send large files as email attachments.

How do I email an attachment larger than 25mb


An easy way to send large files via email – Dropbox: Integrate With Gmail

Click the Dropbox icon and choose the file from your Dropbox account. A link gets attached, instead of a file in the email message.

As a recipient, you get rich previews of all Dropbox links shared in emails. Just like attachments, you can use these links to download the files directly from Gmail or add it to your Dropbox. With a free Dropbox account, you get a maximum file size limit of only 2GB.

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ways to send large files as email attachments free


Trying to send oversized files via email?

Well, if you’ve never done it before, there’s every chance that you’re struggling with the task.

The services discussed in this article are some of the best ways to send large files as email attachments without any issues and for basic use they are free.

Hope you are successful!

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